Centre for Rural Community Leadership and Ministry

About the Centre

CiRCLe M is an interdenominational organization, working in partnership with the Saskatoon Theological Union (STU). The STU is an association of three theological education colleges on the University of Saskatchewan campus, formed to facilitate a cooperative and ecumenical approach to the task of theological education. The three STU colleges are: College of Emmanuel and St. Chad (Angilcan Church of Canada), St. Andrew's College (United Church of Canada), and Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada).

As our name suggests, CiRCLe M's central purpose is rural ministry leadership development. We strive to equip clergy and lay leaders in rural and remote places to help their churches be catalysts for the development of healthy Canadian communities. So whatever faith group you belong to, we're here to help you get the training, resources and support you need to do that better.  If you are new to rural ministry, or want to do some deeper reflection on your ministry experience, you might be interested in the DMin program in Rural Ministry and Community Development (DMin=Doctor of Ministry Degree). This program is offered by the seminaries of the Saskatoon Theological Union and supported by CiRCLe M.

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