Centre for Rural Community Leadership and Ministry (CiRCLe M)

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CiRCLe M is an interdenominational charity, working in partnership with the Saskatoon Theological Union (STU). We care a lot about rural churches and communities, and we think that they ought to be more closely related.

CiRCLe M provides leadership training that equips clergy and lay leaders in rural and remote places to help their churches be catalysts for the development of healthy Canadian Communities.

Questions that we would like to talk about

1. Who is CiRCLe M?

2. What is CiRCLe M's mission?

3. Why is CiRCLe M's work important?

4. What kind of leadership training does CiRCLe provide?

5. What are some of the examples of rural churches that are helping their communities? 

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"For decades rural communities have been wrestling with "boom and bust" economies."

"Rural Churches are a potent resource for leadership... but their community-building capacity has been under-used."

There is a "need for a Centre that would gather and focus resources for training more effective rural church leadership"