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DMin Courses in Rural Ministry and Community Development:

Race, Colonialism, Canadian Identities, and Intercultural Ministries SA/PA 562

Date: Spring Intensive Course:  April 21-25, 2014

Location: St. Andrew’s College, Saskatoon SK

Prerequisites: Admission to the STM or DMin program, or completion of a theology degree is required for graduate studies credit.

Instructors: Lynn Caldwell and HyeRan Kim-Cragg

Course Description: This course will engage students in a critical study of race, racism, and intercultural ministry.  Content will take an ecumenical, interdisciplinary and global perspective on issues related to and interpretations of intercultural ministry. Perspectives from critical race and postcolonial theories will be studied and engaged with to support students’ development of strategies for anti-racist intercultural praxis in church contexts.

Course Goals:

  • To raise awareness of, and critically analyse Canadian and Christian identities from racial/intercultural perspectives.
  • To explore our social positioning with regard to racism and Western Christian colonialism.
  • To engage in changing realities of current ministry through articulating the perspectives of critical race and key concepts of postcolonial theories.
  • To explore and develop strategies for practicing and building up justice-seeking intercultural communities.

Course Syllabus

For more information co

United Church Registrar: St. Andrew’s College: standrews.registrar@usask.ca; phone: 306--975-1588

Lutheran Church Registrar: Lutheran Theological Seminary: registrar.lts@usask.ca; phone: 306-966-7856

Anglican Church Registrar: College of Emmanuel and St. Chad; esc.registrar@usask.ca; phone: 306-975-1588




1. Clnical Pastoral Education (CPE) in Rural Settings

Swan Valley, Manitoba

This program is available to anyone. It is a satellite program of the long-established CPE programs at the Saskatoon Institute for Pastoral Education. It consists of 200 hours of experience in a rural community ministry site as well as the opportunity for small group seminars and theological reflection with a trained CPE supervisor and ones' peers.

Seminars in the program focus on guided experiences in community-based care-giving together with group, individual and mentored reflection. Students learn skills related to crisis intervention, suicide prevention, mental health issues as well as working with intergenerational families and issues of loss and grief. The program includes contextual immersion and reflection opportunities including a guided wilderness walk, a tour of a farming operation, an opportunity to reflect on the interaction of aboriginal and non-aboriginal culture, attendance at a farm auction, and the opportunity to lead worship in a small village church.

Opportunities for placement include the 55 bed Swan Valley Health Centre, three long term care facilities, community health services such as Mental Health, Palliative Care and other community agencies such as the Crisis Centre (domestic abuse), the Justice System and the Food Bank.

Free billeting is available to out of town students.

For further information contact Supervisor Rev. Margaret McCallum at swanvalleycpe@gmail.com.







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Awarding of 19 Diplomas in Indigenous Anglican Theology at the 2008 Convocation of The University of Emmanuel College-College of Emmanuel and St. Chad in partnership with the Dr. William Winter School of Ministry in the Diocese of Keewatin.