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Rural Ministry Stories

We know that the best and most creative solutions to challenges in your parish or community will come out of your own people.  We'd like to hear about some of those great ideas just to celebrate them.  But we also know that one community's experience can spark a great idea in another.  So, while "best practices" in one place can't be generically transplanted to another, they can be a catalyst and encouragement for wonderful new enterprises in other places.

Please share your stories of what has worked in your parish and its relationship with your community.   Try to keep them brief--less than 500 words, but say enough so that the drama and important details come through.  You can send them in to crharder(a)sasktel.net.


Armena's Community Market
In the summer of 2011, the hamlet of Armena held an event that became a tribute to everyone in the community...

Cariboo Presbyterian House Church Mission
In a beautiful, yet challenging rural Canadian setting, the Presbyeterian Church established an inspiring ministry of housechurches, started by Reverend Dave Webber

Communities that Refuse to Die
The struggles of rural communities are remarkably similar across the Canada...

A Community Conference - In the Middle of Nowhere
In a small Alberta town, the community holds a special youth gathering, started by Pastor Corey Randell....

Naming the Crisis in a Saskatchewan Rural Community

In July 2006 a shooting took place. Rev. Leigh’s congregation swung into action, serving the shooter’s estranged family and the rest of the town...

A Night in Bethlehem
Town-folk from Oyen, Alberta and surrounding communities celebrate both Christmas and community...

A Resurrection Story
Several struggling churches explore their future...

A Watery Crisis in a Dry Land

In June 2010, the Maple Creek area in southwest Saskatchewan was hit by heavy rains.  Flooding made the national news.







"I once asked Carl Dudley who has done hundreds of studies of how small churches and communities have turned around, what the most important factor was in revitalization.
He said 'the belief that they can'."
(Cam Harder, CiRCLe M)