Volunteer opportunites at CiRCLe M

If you would like to help rural communities... and have some time and energy to give... we would love to talk to you.

You can contact us at:

email: circle.m.ministries@gmail.com

Phone: 306-966-7864


Here are some volunteer opportunties that are available at this time:

  • Media submissions:
    Help to re-write and submit various materials to media outlets such as newspapers, television, radio, internet, etc.
  • Book Reviews:
    Write short, informative reviews on selected materials from our Resource Centre.
  • Website:
    Help produce an introductory video on CiRCLe M for our Home Page.


"For decades rural communities have been wrestling with "boom and bust" economies."

"Rural Churches are a potent resource for leadership... but their community-building capacity has been under-used."

There is a "need for a Centre that would gather and focus resources for training more effective rural church leadership"