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Reconciliation on the Prairies

In 2006 St. John’s Lutheran Church (Laird,Sk), the Young Chippewayan/Stony Knoll First Nations, and the Mennonite Community entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). As they've worked in the spirit of this MOU, they have continued to move towards justice and peace. 

A 30 minute documentary (Trailer) explores the struggle for Indigenous rights, title to the land and how an old injustice is providing new opportunities for dialogue, friendship and a fierce determination to right the wrongs of the past. 

For more information


The Road to Warm Springs: The National Consultation on
Indigenous Anglican Self-Determination



Church AND Community - Crisis Response Training

CiRCLe M's training engages town and country churches in crisis preparedness planning and action.


Emergency measures organizations and local churches in town and country communities in western Canada
participated in on-line training for crisis preparedness.


to strengthen local emergency plans...
so that the gifts of the church will be part of those plans...
and be put to good use during times of great need.


you can Learn more about this training:


1) Click here to watch a video that gives snapshots of what's in each of the nine training videos.

2) Click here for highlights on each of the nine training sessions (pdf format).

3) Click here for web links to the individual training sessions (videos).

4) Click here for a companion handbook designed to accompany and supplement information in the videos (pdf format).

Is your community interested in this training? Contact us by email.


“Man of a Good Heart”

Father Albert Lacombe was among the early missionaries who arrived in Alberta in the 1800’s.  He settled in the vicinity of St. Albert for a while and spent a great deal of his time in Southern Alberta.

A 60-minute viewing of the drama “Man of a Good Heart” tells about Father Lacombe's life.



CiRCLe M is grateful to the following donors for financially supporting this work:

The Lutheran Triune Educational and Benevolent Society of Calgary



Rural Ministry and Related Ministry of Indigenous Peoples

Bishop MacDonald discusses histories and ministries of North American Indigenous Peoples. More...


Complex Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms in First Nations Populations

Steve Skakum examines the traumatic historical relationship between Treaty Peoples who inhabited the Plains Territory. He looks at the effects that repeated trauma has and explores some possible solutions which this population and caregivers may utiltize to attempt to alleviate the current situation. More...


First Nations-Rural Neighbours Friendship Initiative

Purpose: To help close the gap between First Nations and their neighbouring communities, using churches as bridges for conversation and friendship building. More...













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