Centre for Rural Community Leadership and Ministry

Certificate in Faith and Rural Life

This certificate is intended for rural church and community leaders who want a structured opportunity to look at how their faith intersects with rural realities.  These may be people looking to offer some community leadership, individuals interested in exploring ethical issues related to food production, farming methods, community health, and other rural concerns.  It is also intended for rural church lay leaders looking for a way to revitalize their congregations and/or bring their spiritual traditions into a deeper engagement with their communities. The program will be offered in a series of one or two-day workshops.  It is anticipated that this program would begin in the winter of 2010. 


Certificate in Rural Stress Intervention

Rural Communities live with "boom and bust" cycles because of the volatile nature of commodities markets. Living well under those conditions requires that a community develop a fairly high degree of "resiliency"--the ability to bounce recover quickly after a major stressor, and to adapt effectively to expected or unexpected changes. This certificate, offered as two, two-day workshops, will train key community leaders in skills and strategies for dealing with a community crisis (e.g. a mine closure, the death of several teens in a car accident, a harvest failure).  It will also provide help in developing a local plan for assessing and building resiliency in their community.  It is anticipated that the first workshops will be offered in the winter of 2010. 



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Awarding of 19 Diplomas in Indigenous Anglican Theology at the 2008 Convocation of The University of Emmanuel College-College of Emmanuel and St. Chad in partnership with the Dr. William Winter School of Ministry in the Diocese of Keewatin.